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Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation Solutions

Biga Data + IIOT Provides Insights-in-Motion with technologies like:


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Digital Twin of plant operations with IIOT

Verticals: FMCG, Textile, Polyester, Cement, Pharmaceuticals


Problem Statement

Operational Technology (OT) Systems support maintenance and overhaul time and affected supply chains. OT  is crucial due affect of higher costs of production including cost of quality.


Solution: Industry 4.0 smart factory solution

Digitally transform manufacturing operations to increase visibility,  Improve quality and enhance overall effectiveness using Vision and IIOT devices like  sonar and vibrational sensors. Near real time insights on machine performance.


Benefits: Improve TCO with Role based Dashboards and integrated workflows and Production/machine metrics:

•Improve OEE by 11-20% to almost world class operations (85+%),

•Greater visibility to machine maintenance l like OEE MTTR, & MTTF

•Manage effectively inventory turns and stock fill rate

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Vision + IOT + AI/ML Based Warehouse Management

Verticals: FMCG, Textile, Polyester, Cement, Agri-products

Leading players in multiple sectors wanting to solve for warehouse operational issues of reduced obsolescence, improved productivity and inventory turns.


Problem statement

Reduce pick and dispatch process Turn Around Time (TAT) with Auto-location update and track/trace. Improve inventory turns with accurate location; Manual inventory audit & reconciliation; Wrong dispatch of items to customer


Solution: Combination of Vision+IoT+AI/ML based Smart WMS

Solve for complex problem of “Operations, Compliance, Process Automation”. Extract values from visual data (QR Code) and IoT Devices enabling  AI driven decision-making to optimize Sales and Operations  management



•Improved efficiency & accuracy; Increased compliance;

•Reduced process TAT by 85% on search & pick. Reduced obsolescence.

•100% compliance for EHS protocols..

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Best IT Consulting in India

Land Survey


Food and Agri

AI/ML & Vision systems using Drones and Satellite Imagery

Verticals:  Agri-tech & Land management

The addressable market (Rs. 18K crores) consists of market linkages, precision agriculture and farm management including quality and traceability, supply chain technologies and closely linked financial services.


Opportunity statement

The Opportunity that presents the verticals in addressing the pain point associated with precision agriculture, farm management and output market linages that

•Support stakeholders like Farmer Produce Organizations (FPO), distributors and Agri-processing enterprises

•Creation of mental-models with the farmer and improved farming methods at the core of the business plan. Value Addition include Soil Card, and other technical updates


Proposed and Possible Benefits (examples):

•Create a productized solution to verify/validate crop diversity like Direct Seed Replacement (DSR) irrigated crops;

•Subsidy benefits from government, produce and finance crops linked to market dynamics

•Autonomous, Augment AI system to verify/validate and generate Carbon Credit Score. Gain share benefits to enhance farmer income, and optimized outcome in the supply chain.

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Application Transformation – App Modernization

Verticals: Manufacturing and Logistics

Digital Transformation is a Business imperative and legacy systems are inefficient, have a high cost of maintenance/support to be effective and hinder the growth, progress and success of the company..

Problem Statement

The technologies used are old/current and vulnerable to security attacks. Tightly coupled architecture with passe’ UI required significant portal downtime for maintenance and enhancements.


Solution: Micro Services Architecture

A cloud native application provides a transformational approach to application development improving time to value and allows Continuous Innovation.



•Improved efficiency & accuracy;

•Increased compliance;

•Reduced vulnerabilities posed by Struts (MVC framework) by 40% .

•CICD allowed for minimal and manageable downtime enhancing CX

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Augmented & Virtual Reality Commerce

Verticals: Real Estate, Home Décor & Furnishings, Manufacturing and Process Industries

Consumers make decisions with real time experience of whether it be the floor plan or the ideal décor. Create a merchandiser eco-system that allows the consumer the end-to-end experience in a private environment with respective subject matter specialists.


Problem Statement

Enhance the Service Excellence factor in your organization improving revenue realization, optimizing cost of operations and empowering the end-to -end network within the supply chain (from Manufacturer to Dealer network to Consumer).


Solution: Vision/AI based Expert System

An Opti-Channel (enhanced Omni Channel) experience with AR/VR/MR and concierge services to increase Customer Value including Time to Value.



•Increase revenue by 20-30%

•Enhanced Customer Satisfaction by 15-25% at lowered cost of Sales

•Enhance Training & development effectiveness; Reduce the cost of training; Improve Lost Time & other EHS/OSHA metrics.

•BFSI: Enhance customer value with personalized (Little and Big Data) insights

Surface/Texture Defect Detection

Verticals: Manufacturing, Textile and Process Industries

India is at the cusp of Digital Transformation with a clear vision to improve the cost per unit metric. New Technology enablers are being implemented from production, to Distribution and Retail to consumers, enhancing Customer Experience, improving business objectives and innovation.


Problem Statement

Significant manual effort is required to identify fabric/Surface defect affecting production throughput and total cost of operations with higher cost of quality per finished item


Solution: Vision/AI based Expert System

Industry productized Vision based AI solutions that identifies defects at various stages of production. For example, in the textile industry: from Spinning to Fabric, from fabric to apparel, production. Augmented with Consumer Experience Insights we cover the raw material to consumer journey. With depth sensing cameras, we can  check for either 2d or 3d variations hence  achieving efficacy with AI solution



•Improve Cost of Quality by identifying surface defects at the root.

•Better Production throughput by replacing multi-stage operations into single stage

•Enhanced external aesthetics

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Best IT Consulting in India
Best IT Consulting in India

AI/ML+Vision For Customer Success Management

Verticals: Manufacturing, Process Industries and Compliance oriented verticals

Banks and manufacturing companies focusing on business transformation are known for their  unwavering focus on using state-of-the-art technology and providing exemplary service.


Problem statement

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Organizations prioritize on security and compliance in their facility replacing current manual process prone to breach of Environmental Hazard & Safety (EHS) and security protocols. This poses significant risk and ineffective compliances that are both regulatory and statutory in nature.


Solution: Vision and IOT based Network and Command Center

Facial Recognition system for compliance integrated with core systems for compliance and Zone based access control. Real time alerts to the Command Center for non-compliance and intrusion. Manage secure zone (s) accessibility on a unified platform. Other Value Added Solutions include Attendance Management System, EHS Compliance



•100% compliance of EHS protocols with real time lockdown for any security breach

•Average Cost Saving in the range of 30-36% replacing manual security paraphernalia

•Track in real-time Customer Success Metrics like Quality of and others metrics to enhance CSAT by at least 30-40%

Courtesy: Images are of their respective organizations

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